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Templates & The Tumblr Return

Who doesn’t love a blog posts about templates?

Seeing as I’ve moved everything back from Squarespace to Tumblr, I thought it was also a good time to change the template. The one I’ve gone for is called Simplist and I think has the nicest features of the Squarespace template I was previously using, whilst also showing off photos rather nicely. It also deals much better with photo galleries than the previous one I was using.

So that’s it, the final stage in the move back from Squarespace. I liked Squarespace a lot - it’s a lovely service, really well designed, but I can’t really justify paying for a site I update so irregularly, and which gets so little traffic!

Why did the London riots collapse so quickly? http://kingsofwar.org.uk/2011/11/why-did-the-london-riots-collapse-so-quickly/

Excellent post on the Kings of War blog on why the London riots didn’t have any longevity, and how effective police tactics were.