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John Gruber on Apple UI Design

Interesting talk showing the changes in UI design from the early versions of the Mac OS through to the current decisions going into OS X. This talk is from Webstock, there are more videos on the Webstock site

Some thoughts on iPhone Opera

Opera are apparently looking to make a version of their mobile web browser for the iPhone. Although I’m as intrigued as the next person to see whether Apple approve it (my guess is that they probably will), I don’t think it’s worth getting too excited about. The fact is that whether they approve it or not, they’ll never allow it to be the default browser on the phone, and 90% of the time I get to web pages in mobile Safari because I’ve been referred to them through other apps.

This means that even if I used Opera a lot of the time, I’d still need to keep both Opera and Safari on my homescreen, and frankly, I almost certainly wouldn’t.

I realise that this is something firmly within Apple’s power to change, but they won’t, and if you think they will, you’re kidding yourself.